Vascular Skin Lesion

Blood Spots

30 Minutes – £60

Blood spots, which can range in size, are red bumps or blemishes that may occur anywhere on the body. By positioning an electrolysis probe on the surface of the blood spot, the lesion undergoes coagulation. This induces a controlled trauma, leading to the redirection and restoration of the blood vessel.

Prior to the procedure, a thorough consultation and skin analysis of the affected area will take place, during which a tailored treatment plan will be developed and agreed upon with the client.

Facial Thread Veins/Spider Veins

30 Minutes – Starting from £60

Thread veins, also known as dilated capillaries or spider veins, are treatable through electrolysis. This procedure involves tapping a small probe onto the skin’s surface, which coagulates the affected veins or capillaries, causing controlled trauma. This trauma initiates the redirection and healing of the tiny blood vessels.

A detailed consultation and skin analysis of the area to be treated will precede the treatment, during which a customized treatment plan will be outlined and confirmed with the client.